San Diego Trip for Some Warm Weather

My wife, Sue, and I love to travel. Just before my book, The Magical Manager, launched, we took a quick 3-day weekend trip to San Diego to take advantage of some warm weather. We enjoyed several restaurants in La Jolla and spent some time walking the beach.

Our favorite part about the trip was being able to walk out of our hotel room and right into the sand on the beach front. The beach is something totally different than what we have here in Colorado, which is filled with beautiful mountains, lots of sunshine and rejuvenating streams and lakes.

Being landlocked with no ocean within 1,000 miles, even a brief trip recharges the body and rejuvenates the brain. I highly recommend you plan for a long weekend trip sometime soon instead of holding out for the week long or longer vacations.

One of the keys to becoming the magical manager you want to be is to stay mentally and physically healthy. San Diego is one of the best places you can go for a quick recharge.