Speaking at FleetPros Colorado Chapter Fall Meeting

I am excited to be presenting at the FleetPros Colorado Chapter Fall Meeting on November 8, 2019.

This is the purpose and charter of the FleetPros organization:

Founded in 1976, FleetPros is a non-profit fleet management association which strives to support fleet professionals through education, networking, and resources. We promote open exchanges of information on experiences, ideas, and methods. FleetPros actively works to ensure that appropriate educational programs are available to fleet professionals.

The Colorado Chapter Fall Meeting theme is transforming the customer experience. Most of the time, when companies talk about increasing customer satisfaction, they center on technologies that will make things more efficient.

I will be talking with them about their people, and regardless of the new technologies, their relationships with their people inside and outside the company can make a huge difference, both for efficiencies and profitability.

My premise is that organizations do not understand the people who are working for them. They struggle with low employee engagement, high employee turnover, and unhappy people. Management is at a loss when it comes to hiring, motivating, or working effectively with employees.

Managers at all levels do not understand how much time and money is wasted with their current programs and HR policies. Their companies, as a result, under perform. They grow slower, are inefficient, and are much less profitable than they otherwise would be.  Just as employees are affected by the leadership at all levels, customers can feel the culture and mood of a company’s leadership. Successfully transforming the customer experience cannot happen unless the entire company has first been transformed.

The key to transforming customer experience starts inside the company with management of the people who are on the front lines with the customers. Retaining and fostering great customer loyalty and happiness in today’s climate demands a wholesale overhaul of leadership thinking.

I am looking forward to meeting the people at FleetPros and introducing them to how this company culture transformation can also transform their customer’s experience.

Jack Zoellner (Relational Leadership Speaker)

Jack Zoellner is the "Relational Leadership Speaker." He shares his revolutionary 5-step M.A.G.I.C. method for managing workers and radical company culture change through speaking, writing and consulting. For your next event, book Jack here >>