Press Release May 28, 2019


Corporate Executive Vows to Change the Way Company Leaders Manage their Workers While Reducing Employee Turnover by as Much as 70% Within a Few Weeks

(May 2019) Although the U.S. economy is said to be booming, big companies continue to struggle with low employee engagement, high turnover and low productivity. Workers’ growing diversity of cultural backgrounds and expectations of fast upward mobility among millennials have increased tension between management and employees. Jack Zoellner, has demonstrated successful leadership over the past 30 years while working for companies such as Visa, CGI, Ancestry, Quiznos and National Cinemedia. He cites relational leadership as the missing component and the essential key to success for business growth.

Zoellner identifies the source for much of business mediocrity and struggle.

“The predominant theories, still being taught today, embrace a traditional model of leadership known as command and control,” he said. “The accepted method of commanding and controlling workers became the dominant management style in corporate America as the Industrial Revolution evolved. Leadership technique has not changed significantly since those early days. More than a century later, junior management training and business school MBA programs have clung to teaching old techniques instead of adapting to successfully deal with the many new challenges found in today’s diverse workplace.”

Zoellner believes there is a very simple and easy solution to this problem.

“Retaining good workers in today’s climate demands a wholesale overhaul of leadership thinking,” he said. “Surprisingly, the solution is not just another program with lists of meetings or things to do.”

Zoellner’s method has developed over many years of implementation at every company he has managed or founded. His new book, The Magical Manager: How to Crush Any Company Goal with Greater Efficiency, Lower Cost and Bigger Profits, outlines his relational management method.


Jack Zoellner is an author, speaker, thought leader and CEO of Leading Edge Consulting, LLC. that works with company management to transition to a relationship leadership-based corporate culture. He has served in all aspects of the company structure from worker-bee to CEO with companies ranging from three employees to more than 1,000 people over several mid-level managers. Zoellner has founded and managed five of his own businesses. For more information, please see


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Jack Zoellner (Relational Leadership Speaker)

Jack Zoellner is the "Relational Leadership Speaker." He shares his revolutionary 5-step M.A.G.I.C. method for managing workers and radical company culture change through speaking, writing and consulting. For your next event, book Jack here >>